AI movement (Seek & arrival) What's meant by 'position'?

I'm trying to understand a section this (Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters)

This part has been confusing:

"forces (as limited by max_force) are applied to the vehicle’s
point mass. This produces an acceleration equal to the steering force
divided by the vehicle’s mass. That acceleration is added to the old
velocity to produce a new velocity, which is then truncated by
max_speed. Finally, the velocity is added to the old position"

steering_force = truncate (steering_direction, max_force)
acceleration = steering_force / mass
velocity = truncate (velocity + acceleration, max_speed)
position = position + velocity

I'm confused here because I've always thought of position as X and Y coordinates (X,Y) but here its just position.

someone explain this to me. (plz)

From what I have taken to my own playing with an AI system, think of a box with a grid in it. Anywhere on a line in that grid can be your position. If your force is 3 +velocity, were you go is based on your position. Point A and your trip unto point B.

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