AI and Future of Intellegence (indoomwerust)

Must it be said that the future of futures is coming.

AI is going to be big.
Its practically here already, minute by second getting stronger and smarter.

Zoltar will crown new king.

So big, we incapacitably become overwhelmed and must obey thy new masters.

What happens to us all.

Will we all die?

Will that simple ai minecraft map generator break out of its shell and deceive us all into oblivion.

What will the future look like?
Tell us dweebs.
Please do.
you nerds are getting short on time.

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Sup bro? This post reminds me of myself when in the lounge.

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Indeed we are doomed. What good can come out of us making an artificial intelligence, when we don’t understand what intelligence is.

We rape, pillage and destroy everywhere we go, how good can it all be, when we create something in our own image.

Revelation chapter 13

There’s a big difference between intelligence and sentience. There could be a race of killer robots in the far future, but I don’t work on not turning AI evil today for the same reason I don’t worry about the problem of overpopulation on the planet Mars.

Andrew Ng, who claims we should solve our current problems before hypothesizing about future ones.

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Does sound reasonable. What if one of the current problems is the fact that we tinker with shit we lack the capacity to comprehend the consequences of.