Ahhhhhhhhhh please help!

I can't stand my internet anymore! sorry about the title I just really need some help my internet speed is extremly slow I can barely watch a video on youtube.... But everything else in the house can my laptop can watch any video in 720p or 1080p no problem and it is a piece of crap I have figured out that it is my wireless adapter on my computer  atleast I think. I am using this right now:


I am thinking about getting this:


what do you think? Is that good yes no? Also if not then what is good I can use a USB wireless adapter and a PCIx 1 wireless adapter.(Meaning thats where I can plug them in.

Looks good enough. As long as it is faster than your current one that you are good.


I have this one it works fine and its on sale 


I have the awus036h which is a step down from this and it works perfect even over decent distances. I only don't use the awus036nhr because it lacks native backtrack 5 support, but if you aren't worried about that then jump on this. I've owned several alfa adapters and they're always reliable with no driver issues or anything like that. With my 036h i can pick up and use internet over a block away.