AHHH ! Game files and folders everywhere!

I'm something of a neat freak with my pc, so when I see folders for games that have been installed to my D: drive in my C: Drive documents and many other places, such as users/name/appdata/local, I freak out !

My question is, can I simply move all these folders into the orginal game folder on my D: drive ? Is it so much to ask that a game dev doesn't create 50 folders in different locations all over my seperate drives ? 


Thanks for any responses in advance !

No, you can't move them safely. The game will look for them where it saved them; if they're not there, you're out of luck.

Do you know of any good guides that give good practices for file and folder setup, organization, etc. specifically related to games, steam, mods, mod manager, etc. what can be deleted after downloading, what to backup, etc?

Did you ever read something about fragmentation, if you are that kind of a neat freak don't look it up because your data is just scattered around your HDD :P

To give somewhat of an answer, no you can not. The games you mentioned are looking for the folders in the destination they placed it in. Changing the location of these folders will mess up your games, the game will just make a new folder in the exact same location that it already was located in because it is programmed to do so.

But you CAN move all of your Document/download/picture/ Ect. Folders to your D: Drive, instead.

Go to C:/users/<user> Highlight all of the options, right click and move. Put them wherever you want, and windows automatically does all of the linking for you.