I partially run packages from the rawhide repo on my Fedora 18 installs, mainly because I want best possible Steam experience GNU/Linux has to offer. I also have color profiles and calibration profiles for pretty much everything, because I really like a good visual clean experience.

Now, there is a lot of Wayland content already, and during the last week, there were a lot of Wayland modules been pushed through updates. I don't know whether it's Wayland, or just Gnome Shell 3.6 or LibreOffice4 or whatever, but since this week, on the PC's where I run the rawhide packages, I've seen the future of personal computing...

Font hinting has never been so good, fonts have never looked so stunning and sharp, everything is just so smooth and precise, looks dimensional, and, just look at those documents in LibreOffice4, guys you have to see this, it actually looks like a real document, a threshold in realism has been crossed, it really is WYSIWYG now, in a photographic-realistic way. So awesome, and so much more advanced than MS-Office on W8 or BeOS.

Also, I have to say that I've seen a lot of problems everywhere with steam and no-steam games in ubuntu and other distros, but in Fedora 18 with partial rawhide packages and the newest nVidia proprietary drivers, for the first time ever I see a viable desktop GNU/Linux gaming platform, because everything looks awesome and everything just works out-of-the-box. Dig this: I have SELinux running in enforcing mode and have no problems, even on a machine that I use for gaming and working and all kinds of stuff, that at the same time works as a httpd and mysql server on the home office network for Drupal site development, and there are several people accessing it all the time.

Just wanted to share that I have a very good feeling about the state of Fedora, and that as far as the quality of business desktop graphics goes, I've had a real "Aha-erlebnis" this week, it's clear to me now that GNU/Linux is now way far ahead of Windoze or MacOS in every way, not only on post-PC platforms, but also on the PC, not only technically and in terms of security, privacy, and compatibility, because that has been the case for a very long time, but also in terms of user experience, ease of use, graphical representation. Everyone has been used to GNU/Linux being trouble free and superfast forever, but it was always just a little bit less graphically appealing, but now I feel Redhat/the Linux Foundation/LibreOffice/Gnome Shell have taken a huge step and are redefining the PC experience.

Anyone have the same experience this week?