Age of Empires Colour problems

Hi, recently I decided to install Age of Empires 1 + 2, and a while ago Starcraft 1. I haven't been able to get any old game like that working properly. The colours are all messed up, to the point where it looks like the first attempt of a video game with colour ever. 

All the fixes I could find on the internet don't work for me. I've tried everything. There's compatability mode, doesn't work. Creating a .bat file that closes and opens windows explorer after launching the game, doesn't work. I even tried a regedit fix, which still didn't work. Nothing works. 


Also, if it matters, it's Windows 7 64 bit.

Thanks :)

ps: This is a repost. I tried in the retro gaming part of the forum, because age of empires, but no one responded... So here I am.