Age of Empires 3

hey i just started playing the multiplayer and it's really addicting. just wondering if anyone else plays AoE3 because i'm a total noob at it and i need help. lol

need a playing buddy (and clan)

i used to but i moved on too company of heroes its a much better rts

ya i played a bit of CoH. it's even more addicting but i don't got the game X)

i lost my expansion to Coh so i cant play panzer elite.... which means i wont play cause i play strictly panzer elite i was like 40- 7 on matches

you should buy tales of valor, its well worth the 30 dollars. company of heroes is my favorite game, however i do not like the power that artillery has. oh well its still an amazing rts.

i has tales of valor bought it on release. but when i built my quad core setup i lost code for my expansion so i couldn't install..... 205 hours in coh and i still want more

Me and a friend are just about to play a multiplayer game of AoE3 funny enough actually, except we're in UK.

CoH is realy fun.