Agalloch - The Serpent & The Sphere (5/13 NA)

Absolutely can not wait for this. Agalloch fans have to wait every 4 years for one of these, and they are always a treat. John posted some photos of their recording on his facebook page, see mid-December.

@Logan, I expect a review of this album :D

Fuck yes.

I've been waiting long enough...I can wait a few months more...I guess :(

God this is going to be good.

Listen to Celestial Effigy, song on the upcoming album!

I was wet in the panties anticipating this release, every album they have released has been my kind of music, atmosphere is what they really have going for and I have yet to be disappointed, even with the EP's and Split with nest which was stunning.

Celestial Effigy is a suitable for Agalloch. It sounds Pale Folklorey with a heavy Ashes direction. Please don't fuck this up.

Album song list now on label's website: