Aftermarktet R9 290 for $439.99 at Newegg

The XFX R9 290 with XFX's aftermarket cooler is 439.99 with this coupon code XFXR9GEARUP at newegg.  Deal ends 3/31.

Been that price for a while now. Seems as though pricing is finally getting back to normal.

It's not much of a surprise seeing as Litecoin and stuff have been hit pretty hard these past few months.  I would still suggest that people wait for all of the cards to drop back down to ~$400 before buying.

Fiiiinally the prices are dropping, and if the 290s are around ~$400 I'm going to ditch my plan for a 280x and go for the 290 because I almost paid $400 for the 280x I had on back order before pulling out of it due to price increase.

With that "better than 7970" GPU for the price that I was already going to pay plus TrueAudio? Bring it on.

damn. now i feel like i should have waitied to get a aftermarket 290 instead of a 280x

Something must have happened in the last week or so, the local second hand market is full off graphics cards. Ebay have a lot of AMD cards at very low prices.

I know the coin market is kinda volatile, but this is getting a bit ridiculous.

I paid just as much for a XFX 7970 a few months before r9 2xx cards were announced. I may buy an xfx r290x.