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After upgrading to latest git (B2-78-g5802bfb5eb) I can no longer move the looking glass window

Had to use the latest git to hopefully solve an eratic mouse issue, however after upgrading, I can no longer move or resize the looking glass window. I did not experience this issue with the B2 release

Edited to add: It appears I still have a mouse issue. It’s not jumpy all over the screen like it was, I’d call the movement “unpredictable” now, especially when nearing the edges.

I’m using Ubuntu 20.10, win10 guest.

The latest LG is now grabbing keyboard input while the LG window is in focus. Try setting input:grabKeyboardOnFocus to “no” when you start it and see if this fixes your issue.

That fixed it for me!

Please try B3-rc1, the entire cursor stack was re-written to avoid this odd behaviour.