After replacing AIO for another and motherboard battery OC fails?

So I don’t know what to do. After replacing my AIO for the NZXT Kraken my computer has been clearing the bios like crazy. I thought it was the motherboard battery. So I replaced it. Still was happening. Now I tried removing the ram and using 1 dimm at a time I tried overclocking then and it still was resetting. I switch the slots the ram actually went into and now I have it so it reboots constantly. Do you think my motherboard is shot or is it the RAM?

I don’t have a spare AM4 cpu, motherboard, or RAM that I can test out. The overclock was stable for 6 months and it wasn’t until I changed the AIO that this happened.

Update: I overclocked the cpu without the ram’s overclock and it works fine. It is when the ram overclocks, so I am guessing it is the ram. I had it overclocked to 3000mhz since I had it and now it is failing?

One thing I am wondering is if dust gets in the dim the ram might be short circuiting or something. I dusted out my computer with a air compressor when I swapped the AIO out for the NZXT one.

It is almost as if the bios is the original one that had only allowed me to overclock my ram to 2400mhz. Because that overclock is fine. But for 5 to 6 months I have had it overclocked without crashing and all this rebooting to 3000mhz as I said before. Now I can’t even hit 2600mhz. The bios is up to date and I am just wondering what would cause instability all of the sudden?

I would start by reinstalling latest BIOS. Unplug all power from the MB. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Clear CMOS. Connect power back to MB. Also making sure none of the LED/control cables from AIO are anywhere near the ram. Try ram OC again.

Are you using DOCP/XMP, target or both. Or are you manually setting timings/voltages?

I do not recall your specs, so I don’t know the MB.

Thanks for getting back to me. I will do as you advise and see what happens. Btw, I am using DOCP as the XMP never worked for me. DOCP worked fine for months.

Changes cooler, has issues OC’ing RAM, Update the BIOS? If it worked before with the old cooler, and now has an issue after physically messing around with the machine, I completely fail to see how updating the BIOS is a valid method of correcting this issue.

This is an issue that he thought he had fixed in an older thread. So in reality all steps you would normally take, if I remember correctly were done. Reseating CPU and AIO would have been the first step. I am going on memory here, which may or may not be accurate.

Firstly ensure you have a fan on the CPU fan header, else it may not post. Check the positions of all your jumpers… I have a Asrock board that seemed to be boot looping, turns out there was dust on the clear CMOS (computer looked fairly clean). Also check for a short… you may have done something easy to stuff up like put a fan onto a header backwards, or a USB header onto a fan slot… its very easy to do.

So far it seems to be working no issues anymore, all I did was lower the ram overclock from 3000mhz to 2400. Which is odd as I had it working fine at 3000 for quite a while. I will look at my computers cmos jumper area and everything else when I get home.