After market ear tips are they worth it?

I have a pair of Sennheiser CX 3.00 in ears and don't really like the stock tips that they come with them since they block out the mids and the highs due to that line thingy in the tip. Is it worth buying aftermarket tips?

ps. Currently using some Phillips SHE3900 ear tips that help with the mids and the highs which it helps me liken the CX 3.00 more than the stock tips because its very base heavy.

Comply foam tips are amazing. I had a pair of Skullcandy's back in the day that came with them, and my friend had some Shure SE115's that I believe came with them also. They basically conform to the shape of the inside of your ear so they are really hard to bump out and they block out almost all noise that normal tips might not.

They may feel a little tight at first, but once they get broken in they're way more comfy than rubber ear tips in my opinion.

Here is their website.

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There are these sony tips from their ear buds that go great with the cx 300.

I use the foam tips that came with my shure se215s, pretty good.

Have looked at Comply tips before typing this in but DAM IT'S SO GODDAM EXPENSIVE.