After looooong time - time to build my next pc

Hello l1forums,

In past years when i thought of desktop - i thought of server - i’m always working from my laptop(thinkpad ftw) but time has come with new ryzens i decided to build a pc

some 9 years ago i bought a pc(i5 660, 4G ram) and house it in Chieftec BH-01B-U3-OP which i still find most beautiful desktop chasis ever :slight_smile: and put in corsair cx600W psu

So i was thinking about getting ryzen 5 3600, asctuall i have it all listed:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Gigabyte B450 Aorus ELITE
DDR4 16GB (2x8) Corsair 3200MHz LPX Black
Asrock Radeon Phantom Gaming X RX580 OC 8GB
Samsung 970 Evo Plus 250GB
Toshiba 4TB 3.5" 7200rpm, 128MB, X300

(and slap Arch on it, btw :stuck_out_tongue: )

so my question is - how should i handle cooling, is stock cooler ok? should i put a noctua 120mm to pull air out of it over the cpu? Any other coolers?
Is putting psu above mbo still a thing? from what i see lately - it isn’t :confused: but i really don’t want to change chasis

any other advices? maybe drop HDD and move up to rx 5700 ?

I have 3 monitors(2x24" 1920x1200 + 22" 1920x1200) if it makes any difference. most likely will leave 22" attached to my docking station - plan is to still work from laptop at least when i have to to the office

Thanks in advance!

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Do you have a CPU to upgrade the BIOS on that board? MOst B450 won’t support Ryzen 3rd Gen out of the box and can’t be flashed without a compatible CPU…

If you are not overclocking the stock cooler should be okay. The AMD stock coolers are actually not terrible unlike the Intel ones.

Else just about anything from Noctua, be quiet!, Cryorig, Scythe, or Phanteks should be adequate as well.

Most modern cases do have the PSU below the motherboard. Did you mean above? I looked up your case and it appears the PSU is mounted at the top of the case, which is uncommon on most cases that cost more than $25.

Depends on what you are using your computer for and what your options for storage are. If you will never have more than 250 GB of data at one time or have storage somewhere else you can use then skip the hard drive. If this is a gaming PC then definitely go for a better GPU if you can. If you need more than 250 GB and don’t have other storage then get the hard drive.

What are your plans for the PSU? New one or reusing one?

Yup its better to go with a X570 board instead.
Idk when the B550 boards are going to be launched.

Well, that’s not what i said. And at 100% more money, i’d think long and hard about wether you need the x570 Features. Getting a 30$ Athlon CPU to flash is cheaper than going with an X570 board. Plus you avoid the anoying fan…

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About the bios upgrading for ryzen 3k. Some 400 series MB’s has the bios upgrade without cpu feature. Does that gigabyte MB have that feature?

Get at least SSD for the boot drive, you can find awesome sales for even the better ones. if you need local storage. several terabytes of HDD’s should do the trick. (I got 240gb ssd os_drive and 2x2Tb hdd’s for local storage in my rig)

About gpu, RX 580 should be more than ennough, tho 5700 series is really nice.

Noctua fans/coolers are the best (fanboy) . Some forced air intake and out should be ennough airflow for your hardware. I have no knowledge about that case you have, but usually that included Amd cooler is enough provided the case airflow exists.

I would recommend getting new PSU. After all it’s hearth of your system and having good one gives some peace of mind.

Nope. And so far i’ve only found it on MSI Boards. But i’m only looking at mATX, so there might be some out there. If you find any, let me know as it’s one of the things i’m considering when deciding between a 3600 and a 2700X.

If i remember right you can get some cheapest am4 cpu for loan to do the bios upgrade. Atleast most of the review sites says so. From Amd or their partners. Of course that must be returned but you have that option.

Yeah you could. But i’m not that patient :wink: you have to send a picture of board, cpu and receipt to amd and then wait for approval for them to ship it to you and have to worry about returning it.
When i have my shiny new hardware delivered i’d rather build the system right then and there. I’d spend the 30 Bucks on an athlon to not have to wait, but that’s just me :wink:

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Going from 24" to 27", even at 1080, was amazing for me
Today I would look at 32" and 4k, not set a date but set up for email notifications from Best Buy and similar in your area. I went with a refurb hp myself (was on sale for a little a hundred), I trust hp because a million business can’t be wrong and anything with the word gaming is overpriced IMHO

After everything is upgraded I would try out Arch, on the old i5, down in the basement, in a dark corner, were no one can hear you curse :slight_smile:

I have ordered 2 B450 boards recently from amazon and both were flashed.

If by chance it is not flashed when you get it I think you can still contact AMD and have them ship you an Athlon for the update.


I use refurbished hw for servers:) now i juat want to build new one:)

Also i use Arch for almost 10 years now:)

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I plan to leave cx600 for now, should be ok, right?

And yes-typo about psu- it will be above mbo, how bad is that?

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How old is the CX600? My concern is that if it’s older the components can age and cause issues. If the PSU dies there’s a chance it could take all of the other components with it. I will always recommend replacing older (e.g. 7 years+) 80+ Bronze power supplies with a modern 80+ Gold or above power supply just to ensure longevity. Up to you though, there’s every bit of chance that CX600 has several years still left in it.

PSU placement isn’t a huge deal overall. Having power supplies on the bottom is nice because it minimizes the PSU from getting heat from other components, but proper air flow through the case and keeping the other components cool(ish) will mitigate that. Having the PSU at the top may make your case top heavy I guess?

B450 + Zen2 = you need an older CPU to flash or you need a Board that allows flashing without a CPU.

Pls replace that. Depending on region, either a be quiet Pure Power 11, Bitfenix Formula, Whisper M or be quiet Straight Power 11 are good choices.

Not at the moment, I’d wait a bit until all the needed patches are in the Kernel and the Navi chips work out of the box.

Doesn’t really matter. Its a pretty bad PSU for modern Hardware anyway.
I wouldn’t use it with modern stuff at all. Might eventually be fine for older stuff though.

Yep, its only 4 Screws and the Cables.
There is really nothing to it at all.

Buying an extra cpu for just a bios flash is of course totally rediculous imo.
Not sure “if” or when there will be B550 boards out.
But it would be better to wait for those instead when X570,
boards are too expensive really.

I still don´t get why people are so wild about trowing Ryzen 3000 cpu´s on older B450 boards with a bios update really.
I mean sure there are a couple of boards that can be flashed without supported cpu.
But there arent many of them.
And then i´m not going to start about limitations of B450 boards in general in regards to pci-e connectivity and what not.

Other then money, i don´t really see any vallid reason,
to go with an older motherboard really.
The only two reasonable B450 boards out there are,
the Msi B450 Gaming pro carbon AC, and the B450 Tomahawk.
But those two particular boards aren´t cheap either.
The rest of the B350 / B450 boards are all kinda crap.

If somebody already has a board and just want to upgrade the cpu,
from a 1000 series to a 3000 series.
Then sure i totally get it.
But if you build a new system anyways then why bother with old boards?

For best compatability … You should use the mb/cpu it was designed for. One of those simple things… You are not saving money if you end up buying two Motherboards. Build within the generation can save at least some headaches.

Then there is the… " I paid for this and I am not using it. "

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Yup that is basically what i´m trying to say here.

Its better to have the pci-e 4 support in place then to have to purchased another mb when the market catches up.

Did I say BT 5.0 :)~

Build you pc with your eye on future and follow the technologies involved.