After a ton of thoughts this is it.$1600 build

Build :

From my other build i upgraded to 16gbs of ram,i added a large SSD for my main programs and games and i added a monitor for my main monitor then i would use my current monitor off to the side.just using some cheapish gaming keyboard and mouse.

I love the case so i am staying with it.

I also want the price to stay around the same ($1600).

What can i say this build looks good, i would say go for it ☺

I assume you're using it for gaming and video/photo editing? If so what programs you're editing with?

Better MB for OC, better monitor and cooler

I would stay with the asus board,  990 chipset 100% guarantee fx 2.0 support out of box. good oc capability´s  and just nicer fuetured then those gigabyte 970 boards, with those gigabyte boards if you have bad luck, and you get an older one 1.0 or 1.1 then they only flashed for zambezi fx1.0 not phile driver fx2.0 and then you stuck :)  so its a hit or a mis  ☺

Thank you