After 15 years, Winamp shuts down


Im unsure how many people this actually effects though it is a shame to see winamp go after so long


Ill keep it brief, the article covers most of the details though I do wish AOL had sold it back in 2008 while they had the chance, they squandered their $80 million investment and as a result winamp will be confined to the annals of history in just over a month with little more than a whimper of an announcement

If you still want a copy of the desktop player grab it while you can:


Audacious is where it's at.

They brought it on themselves, because they didn't evolve, and sold their souls to the gods of DRM...

XMMS is an open source clone of Winamp for POSIX-compliant systems that came out shortly after Winamp was initially released, and it thrives, in fact, it was ported several times (Beep, Audacious, etc) and it was later ported to Windows by popular request, and is becoming ever more popular there, even if the functionality is very limited in comparison to the functionality of XMMS/XMMS2/Beep/Audacious/etc on POSIX-compliant systems. The difference is that the open source community has never stopped developing XMMS and its ports further, to the point where it is now, with Audacious, that has a Foobar-like GUI, and XMMS, that has a Winamp-compatbile GUI, both being extremely feature-rich and offering professional audio solution integration and flexibility with regards to the backend, the GUI, the plug-in system, etc... and they still don't support any kind of DRM...

sad :(

AOL had pretty much screwed this one up. Still, it's sad to see that people and kids now get to enjoy online media players and not even trying hard to keep them offline. Just think of the time when the internet is unreachable for considerable amount of time, the signing up n pay for this account crap and even this NSA bullshit. But anyway, it's still over for a good old media player that does serve memories, right up to the point where copyright is becoming a tongue n cheek thing for the RIA-to-the-motherfucking-A and other copyright holders; labels (does anyone still remember Napster?). And don't forget the evolution of technology and the competing market; AOL will not stand the chance today and here's one of their services to meet its demise.

Oh man I love Winamp discovered it in the early 2000's

geeze, I have been using winamp since way before they went to a free model.

I love using Foobar. I do miss Winamp a lot

I built entire shows from Winamp. I am very much going to miss it. AVS Society 

but who will whip the llama's ass now, and will they really whip it?

In many ways; too dark, too red, and too... Closed source.

I also remember this player, unsure what version it was, running on my Win95 machine. Really useful at that time.

Well, this sucks.  Oh well, I have been thinking about switching to Foobar.  Maybe this is the push I need.  Does anyone know if Foobar supports visualization effects similar to what Winamp has?

You ask a question and then dont give a shit what someone says. 

i switched to Musicbee. Though there are some shortcomings, the UI is great. Check it out.

i took the time to suggest something. take the time to check it out for yourself.

You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Though you CAN drown it...XD Suit yourself.

Foobar2000 is much better for windows, in my opinion.. for Linux, there is foobnix.

But I have been using it since like before the year 2000 :(.

There is allways MediaMonkey.....