Affordable security camera system

A family friend needs a security camera setup that’s affordable
He husband passed away recently and since everyone heard about it lowlifes are now trying to steal and break in

They live in bumfuck nowhere rural Kentucky so not exactly needing the latest and greatest cyber security to keep cleedus the meth head out of her network

Needs about 4 cameras with one of them ran through conduit to a barn, also need a recording and streaming solution to phones and TV’s

Needs to be affordable

i like reolink stuff


What’s the difference between the two types of cameras in the kit?

The bullet cams are meant to be exposed. The dome and usually you want under an eve or roof.

Amcrest and Reolink are probably going to be the cheapest all in one solutions you will find. Personally I prefer a Synology DS118 with amcrest cameras. I have deployed this setup both professionally and for family members. It will be slightly more expensive but frankly I think it is worth it. You get way more flexibility and features. You can use poe cameras, WiFi cameras, or a mix from all different manufacturers.

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Sure somebody knows VLC stuff. Get some cheap cams with garbage software, then don’t use the software. I bought some random garbage that gets hot because shit design, it cut’s out on regular basis and OBS doesn’t auto refresh so it’s left on a static image when that happens, sure some wizard tech can sort out something simple for garbage like that.
Some URL formatted like this to get the feed

I use that one as a webcam in OBS. OBS doesn’t have delay settings for “media source” so it’s always de-synced… sometimes by a few seconds, sometimes more. I can’t even find the software specific to whatever brand this thing is anymore, so this is all I get to work with.

Just as an example, not recommendation. What i have that works with that URL, from my understanding it’s a fairly standard URL format for these things

As far as I can tell, it’s actually only 720p

I believe they’re gonna pony up for the 4K one

they have some samples

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I don’t like the reolink stuff but it’s what I would recommend as well. As for 4k don’t bother good optics are always better than more pixels. Ptz and verifocal are the better value.

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I’m learning they don’t have fantastic night vision

Starvis sensors and again good optics always win but the reolink stuff is a good compromise in price quality and ease of use.

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What @infinitevalence said. The sensor is second to the optics. I have a ptz setup at my grandparents house that can read a license plate at 100 yards because it has good optics and zoom even though it is a 5mp sensor.

Amcrest has some good night vision cameras that are reasonable if that is a requirement.

Do you you have a 4 camera+dvr+cables solution that’s under 430$?


That might get you a 2-3 camera setup with a very low end NVR.

Reolink often scores high on 'the hookup’s channel.

Can confirm good bang for buck and #justworks (meaning good for normies).

I know a lot of us here a super tempted to delve into self hosting an open source NVR, firmware hacks etc but a reolink kit would be turn key for most.

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