Advice with 256gb of RAM clock speeds

Hi everyone, first post here. I was wondering if anyone could help me with my new setup. I was recently on the market for a new machine and the only requirement is that it HAD to be silent. I found this video “building-whisper-quiet-threadripper-pc-greg-kroah-hartman” on this forum and liked the setup so I bought pretty much all the parts listed and yesterday I assembled my machine, but the memory does not go over 2666mhz.

Now, I didn’t get the exact ram, as I don’t like RGB lights, so instead I got the non RGB kit from G.Skill

I can see a profile for it on XMP, but it just doesn’t load. I’m not much of a computer expert an dI haven’t touched a bios in 10 years ( was using a Mac before). Thoughts? Suggestions? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

IMG_0006 IMG_0008 !


I have a similar system (3950X), same DRAM (128GB, though.). I selected XMP-> Profile1,
then “exit and save” (F10?) from bios, and got the speedup with no problems. memtest86
ran nicely on it, with zero failures. GIGABYTE M/B.

I think Wendell mentions that you need to get the best mobo possible (Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha) to get the speeds that he did with the RAM kit.

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I had issues getting 256gb to work anywhere above 2666mhz with the gigabyte aorus master and a 3990x. Switched to asus zenith 2 extreme alpha and everything works at 3600mhz. (except a little fan header issue on cha fan 1 where if I pass more than 0.5amps through it it causes ram instability, but that’s another topic)

Anyways, your board should work at least at 3200mhz. I’d try that for starters and work your way up. Make sure your dram voltage is set to 1.35v as well. Some bios don’t automatically set dram voltage to 1.35v despite you setting xmp. Also don’t forget bumping cpu soc voltage to 1.1v. Those are the 2 voltages that are required for maintaining ram overclock to 3600.

Finally not all cpus, boards, and ram combinations can hit 256gb at 3600mhz. The higher the specs, the more stress the components have. You give yourself the best chance by having that 3600mhz g skill kit, but the CPU’s imc needs to be a decent bin, and the motherboard plays a huge factor as well. You have a flagship though, so you should be able to hit at least 3200 like I mentioned.

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I’d suggest memory try it and 3200. 3600 may not be attainable. The other thing with that kit of memory is it was meant for threadripper. I’m not sure about this one.

E.g. a researcher I know has the Corsair 256gb.kit from a while back and it will not work at faster than 2666. That’s a 3200 kit iirc. Try memory try it 3200 and make sure the ram voltage is being set to 1.35

If you set xmp and it doesn’t work it means it tried the indicated speed, failed, and has now backed off

The msi was the only other board to do 3600 consistently. Interestingly


OP has 32core threadripper. It should work

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If nothing else, using the ryzen dram calculator and perfectly fine tuning the timings is a good consolation prize, right?

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The voltage on your screenshot says 1.204 which I think means you haven’t set the X.M.P. profile or it might be called D.O.C.P. profile (since it’s AMD, depends on how the motherboard manufacturer implemented it). When XMP is set, the RAM gets overclocked and it will have a voltage reading of approximately 1.35. The RAM kit you got has been tested on gigabyte and Asus trx40 motherboards by gskill; it will probably work. (

I have tried XMP (MSi calls it A-XMP). Nothing changes. I see the profile for the ram there (see pictures) but the speed and voltage stays exactly as before.

You need to scroll down in bios and look for dram voltage. Change it to 1.35v

Thanks Wendell, I have been considering switching to the Zenith. It’s a bit more expensive but I have used Asus motherboads in the past and trust the brand. i only bought MSi because that was the suggestion on your build for Greg Kroah-Hartman. You seem to have gotten the speed to go to 3600 on it, so I wonder if you could share the settings/voltage you used. Thanks!

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Msi reached out, the RAM is not compatible, I’ll be purchasing a Zenith II from Asus and rebuilding the system. Thanks everyone!

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Did you ever get a chance to try setting dram voltage manually? The creator should have posted at 3200 and been able to overclock to right below 3600 iirc from Wendells video.

At any rate you won’t have to worry about setting dram voltage or soc voltage with the zenith. It auto reads xmp and sets voltages.

I have just built (covers still off…) a 3970X system on an ASUS blah blah Zenith II Alpha motherboard, with 256GB (8X32GB) of new G.Skill F3600C Ripjaws DRAM. I did not see an XMP/DOCP setting in the BIOS, so figured I’d try out memtest86 at 3600MHz. Immediate failures.

Eventually, I updated to the latest BIOS, on a recommendation from some very good G.Skill people,
and tried again. Bingo! Runs clean at 3600MHz. Memtest86 reports 3600MHz, even though (I think) the BIOS memory speed is set to 3200MHz.

I wanted to get ECC, but apparently those sticks got eaten by COVID-19. Someday…


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