Advice on upgrading. AMD or Intel

hey guys,

my built is

i5 760

intel dh55pj

8 gig xms3 ram

1tb hdd

ATI Radeon HD 5770 extreme edition

i am thinking about upgrading my processor and mother board, is it worth it to upgrade to i5 or i7 4th gen or should i get a processor from AMD's 8000 series.

one more thing i don't intend to overclock the processor


Well, I think it is still a relevant platform. If your system is primarily for gaming, just upgrade the GPU, for a nice boost.

You could probably throw in an SSD, too. That would be a good upgrade to carry from build to build, if you understand my point?

right now my gpu is fine it was able to run crysis 3 okay on high

ssd will not effect gaming experience so there is no use or getting one


It reduces loading times, it is good for some. I would definitely invest in an SSD for faster boot times, et cetera. I'd make those changes before upgrading the platform, personally. You won't see much change, and the GPU is a bit dated.

But, do what you want. It sounds like you want to upgrade the platform, before anything else. But, that would probably deliver less change in your gaming experience. The i5 you're using isn't a bottleneck.

i dont mind waiting 30 sec longer for bootup

i will upgrade the gpu in december or so

but i just want to know what more does the 4th gen or fx8000 series has to offer plus my mother board does not have usb 3 and i have a few use 3 device which i am not able to take advantage of

That's a good point.

If you feel the need to upgrade, I would recommend the FX8000 series. The 8350 is approximately the same price as the i5. However, the 8350 has a wider use. Because of the 8 cores, you can use it for gaming, editing. It really is value for money. I would recommend choosing a suitable motherboard, one with PCIe gen 3.0

First, just like you said, you don't need an SSD.  Put your money elsewhere for now.

Second, you are going to want to upgrade your processor.  A lot of games nowadays are starting to take advantage of faster CPUs, so having an older, slower one can really limit you.  Both my friend and I went from older CPUs (AMD Phenom II X4) to newer, higher end CPUs (AMD FX 8350, Intel Core i5-3570K), and the difference in performance for all games was night and day.  That being said, right now I'd recommend the the FX 8350 over Haswell, because the i5-4670K is $250, while the FX 8350 is still $200, and they're still about the same speed.  If you don't want spend that much, the FX 6300 is a great mid-range CPU, coming in at around $130.

Third, for a motherboard, I'd recommend a 990FX board, even though you aren't overclocking.  The 990FX chipset has a lot of good features, and if you do eventually want to overclock, it'll be easy to do.  The GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 is a great board for $135:

However, if you want to save $50, the 970FX boards are still very good, and you can do a little overclocking in the future should you decide to.  The ASRock 970 Extreme3 is my choice at $85:

Hope this helps you out!  Game on!



btw the links you gave are both the same