Advice on Solid State Drives

Looking for the best SSD for my PC build. I have room for a M.2 and have looked into those but I was wondering what the best SSD for the cost is. As far as uses it would be used for some gaming but also for a boot drive.

How much do you have to spend on the ssd?
Though an M.2 is faster its usually about double the cost of an ssd for the same storage space and since you want to store games on it I would go with an ssd over an M.2 sata.

M.2 is only faster if it runs on proper PCIe lanes, not SATA like many are... Check your motherboard configs for proper info

Go with the Samsung M.2's and like I mentioned, find out if the Mobo supports it on PCIe and not SATA

Intel just released a new ssd line, 600p I believe. Performance isn't as good as a 950 pro but price is much closer to sata ssds. If you are just using this in a gaming pc you won't tell a difference anyways between nvme and sata.

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Thanks for the response. I have an open mind about cost and am willing to put out some money for it but my real question is the current cost to value ratio. Is it worth it to shell out $300 for a good M.2 or will a standard SSD work for games and boot.

standard ssd will work. m.2 is nice, but i cant tell a difference in speed between my m.2 drive and my ssd in games and daily use. in large data transfers it makes a difference but not much in games or windows.

also for sata drives the muskin reactor series is pretty good. it's somewhere between the 850 evo and 850/950 pro in speed and much better price.

850 evo is the next best thing.

I am waiting for Samsung to make a consumer version of the SM 961

I think that the most cost effective SSD solution for boot drive and gaming is the Samsung 850 Evo. They're pretty cheap, reliable and fast enough that you won't see a difference in boot times and game loading.

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I have 3 SSD's. A PCIe NVMe Intel 750, a SATA Samsung 850 EVO and a SATA Crucial MX100.
While the NVMe drive tests at 2300 MB/s and the SATA drives at 500 MB/s, I cannot tell the difference in speed in most real world tasks. I do like the Samsung Magician software, It gives the Samsung drives some unique features not available with other drives.

Bottom Line:

NVMe drives are for professional use, they are a waste of money for a gaming PC.