Advice on selling pc ( apologize in advance if this is the wrong thread)

I have a gaming pc and I want some advice on resell value.

The PC does not come with hard drives or Windows.

The following list

Intel 4790k
Asus z97 Griffin matx
Sapphire 290x Factory overclocked.
32GB of g.skill ddr3 sdram
Fractal design define mini
Corsair h90 140MM water cooled radiator

Part it up. Selling as a whole system will usually make you a loss. Unless your system is piped up with intricate watercooling jazzery.

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you could put it up for 700 but you would get a little more if you parted it out (depending on how much the cpu goes for)
going by this most of the parts new is $984.34 after ebay+paypal fees yo can expect to lose 13% or $127.96.
giving you $856.38. but obviosly a used system won't sell for the same price as new so I'd expect to make about $750 on it.

Well since it's not all together you're sort of boned on selling it whole. The type of person to buy it would only want it if it were operable as is for the price they'd pay ya' know?

I'd sell the cooler and case individually, then try to bundle the cpu gpu and motherboard, I'd guestimate you could get like 550 but don't quote me on it. People are into those couple gen-old gaming bundles. Then sell the ram in 8gb bundles for 25 bucks shipped. Ram is super cheap to ship because you can ship it in tiny soft bags.
An H90 would only resell for like 40 percent what you bought it for im sure

I could give you a whole 5 point fuckin plan if I had time, I do a good bit of reselling.