Advice on PC upgrade?

My PC can only run Fallout 4 at 1280 x 1024 in windowed mode at 14 - 20 FPS. While this is far from ideal I can put up with it for about an hour of play at a time before my eyes start hurting.
I've got a ittle spare cash and I'm wondering what upgrades would make the biggest improvement for the smallest price.

My specs are:
GPU: GeForce GT 630
CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor
RAM: 8.00 GB (7.12 GB usable)
Motherboard: ASRock N68-VS3 FX
Monitor: 1920 x 1080, 59Hz
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

I'm guessing the GPU would be the best thing to upgrade, but I'm not sure what I should upgrade it to or how much it would be worth spending. The last thing I want is to pay too much for something which turns out not to be any improvement anyway.

I haven't upgraded to Windows 10 because I know a friend who bricked their laptop trying to upgrade and I can't afford to get it fixed professionally if I screw up.

What are your thoughts?
Thank you for any input.

So what's your budget?

It's mostly your GPU holding you back, an FX quad core is going to bottleneck around 40fps with a higher end GPU

I also have no idea how someone would brick a device installing a new OS...why not just throw a windows 7 USB on it and see if it'll boot?

No it will not... How am i getting 60 medium F4? It will not...

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What settings is that at? I was going by

Since an FM2+ quad core is basically as fast as the FX stuff in single core

Grab a 380 (or a 380x once it launches soon). If you are still getting crap frame rates, then toss in an 8350. You could try upgrading the ram as well, but the gpu should be the first thing.

I am going to completely ignore the benchmark...
760K, 270X, 8GB 2000MHz ram, 35 min fps, 60 max fps (with Vsinc)... Most of the time i am 40+... Have not tried to play more of the game, cause it's boring, but i am still using the Omega drivers from december 2014...
I am telling you what my experience with the game is...

Thanks. What's the best price I could hope to get one of those for? Are there any retailers you'd particularly recommend?

My budget is probably around £150 or maybe a little higher but definitely not above £200.

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Well there's the course they used, you said it dips, so I take it dips in the city areas down to the 40s ish?

Actually no... It dips randomly for me... I played a few hours only... Haven't been into any town, vilage, city or sims building simulatoir... It is fairly OK running, but randomly from out of nowhere goes down to 35-40-45, and then back up to 60 and runs 60 stable, until again out of nowhere - 40-45...

Well that's probably about how they got the average of 45ish if the same thing happened to them

Yeah, game runs like utter ass in general. Lots of frame rate drops and wahtnot for no good reason. This is being reported by people with systems all across the spectrum. From low end to high end. There is a thread about it. IT shouldn't be that much harder to run than New Vegas considering that it is the same engine (with tweaks) and looks roughly the same.

Frow what I've heard they've updated a lot of rendering techniques and the animation is visiably a lot better even with all the settings on minimum. I'm not surprised its harder to run than NV though my framerate is pretty stable, my problem is just that its stable at a low number.

My only question is what psu do you have?

gpu options:
amd - msi 380 2gb ~ £147.36
nvidia - gigabyte 960 4gb ~ £155.99

Migrating to Windows 10 is painless for 99.9% of people. Just follow the instructions - although this seems hard to do for some people.

Like others here, I'd recommend the R9 380 or GTX 960 if you can afford a card in that price range.

Power supply, as deejata pointed out, would also be good to know. Both the cards stated are relatively efficient, but if you have a low quality power supply it would definitely be a good idea to upgrade and get a better quality one.