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Advice on gpu upgrade



Hey guys looking to upgrade from my r9 290 and was looking at the upcoming radeon vii i currently have a r5 2600x with 16gb ram another upgrade path could be the rtx 2070 or the vega 64, just looking for your guys opinions on this also looking to upgrade my monitor to a 1440p 144hz one. Thanks


Vega64 is a bit starved for bandwidth, will make a fine 1440p card, not sure if it reaches 144FPS at that though.

Vii is a whole different story. Apart from the 16GB VRAM wich will extend its useable lifetime, it is a bunch of unknowns. Wait for 3rd party benchmarks.

RTX2070, look at benchmarks. When it hits the FPS you want in the games you play and costs what you are willing to pay, it is a good choice.