Advice on gaming laptop

hey guys

I am planning to buy a gaming laptop and budget is 1000 GBP.

than I selected MSI GX70 but it has APU A-10 5750m    now I want to know will it bottleneck games because it has good GPU AMD 8970m.


and yes also tell me the other option if available I will appreciate your help.

I think that it will bottleneck in CPU intensive games.

You can read this AnandTech review for a closer look at it. (I know that laptop does not have the same GPU as the one you are looking at ... so just look at the CPU scores)

I'm unaware of any laptop that won't bottleneck in cpu intensive games... I mean, I've got a y510p and it bottlenecks in every cpu intensive game like Planetside 2, GTA IV, DayZ etc etc. I think it's just a given for laptops, unless they have desktop hardware... somehow... My laptop has an i5 4200m. 

seems like its the best choice than, benchmarks are good also.

if is there any other laptop please let me know.