Advice on first Pc build

Hello everyone,

I am getting ready to build my first pc. I will primarily be using it for gaming and my budget is around $1050. Im just looking for some feedback on the build that I've made. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

That motherboard is poorly suited to overclocking, the Radeon HD 7870 XT is just about as powerful as the Radeon HD 7950, but for about $80 less, and Patriot Viper 3 2133 MHz RAM was $104 for 16 GB in four sticks (and they were black too) last I checked.

everything looks fine but if you going to overclock upgrade the mobo and get a h100i for it.

i see you went cheap on mobo but thats what i did. ;)

Got to agree with above post.. that mobo is not so good (get a 990fx chipset instead since you are going with the newer 8350 cpu) and that ram is downright expensive.

excactly he only needs that ram if serisly overclocking or hosting a server. you could just get 2 corsair vengence 2x4gb kits and that would be maybe 5-10 dollars cheaper.

Thank you to everyone for all of your suggestions. I've made a new build and took all of your advice into consideration. I changed the ram and the mobo, If you have anymore suggestions please let me know.


youre  build looks realy good, only the to chance is the mainboard.

take the Gigabyte - GA-970A-Ud3

 if you want to do some oc in the future

you need this bro

u dont really need to buy win7,,,forgot?..torrents exist

sorry to interrupt but 7870xt overclocked is as powerful as 7950 but overclock 7950,you get 7970 performance...:\

Ok guys I now have all the quailty parts I need for my system. I appriciate everyones help. Thank you so much.