Advice on fan power vs temp on gtx670 ftw

So I just built my new rig about a month ago and it's been pretty awesome. The thing is, I always have this nagging concern about the temp my gpu is at while gaming. It stays around 65C when I play crysis 2 and bf3 and the fan curve I set it at makes the fan power stick to around 70% (I think it was around 3000rpm). I'm wondering if it's ok to lower the fan power a bit and let the card get a bit hotter because the fan can get a little loud (actually very loud lol). Any input is greatly appreciated.

You can totally lower the fan speed. 70c is hot for a card, but it's still quite optimal. If you have a reference card, most of them run around 70 to 75c. Aim to keep it under 80 however, and your card will treat you right.

3000RPM is jet take off...........and will rustle your jimmies!

70c is nothing for a GPU, upto 90c is fine for any GPU, but GTX 600 series have some stupid thermal throttling crap, and will prevent it from going that high anyway..

consider to buy a new cooler for it.

something like this


70c is low but the 3000RPM noise is anoying.

Cool thanks for the input, guys! Gonna mess with the fan power and try to find a sweet spot of 75c.