Advice on building truenas server with 16 hotswap bays

Hi there

Looking for advice to rebuild my truenas server. I am switching to use it solely as a nas with no vm or container functionality.

I have a 16 bay case and a 9305-16i card on an asrockrack 570 board with 10gig networking and 2 nvme on board

Really looking for what you would consider to be best practice wrt vdev layout, raid levels etc. Also would be interested to know if a special vdev would be useful.

I do lots of video work and also general development So a combination of large and small files with a need for random as well as sequential read and writes.

So really general purpose NAS only with a good balance between speed and redundancy. Overall capacity is a medium priority.

Thanks for helping

I mean, it depends on your expectations, but with normal disks and good random read/write performance, there is only one option and that is RAID10 with SLOG and special device. You can test RAIDZ2 with Special device and disable SYNC, maybe that’s enough for you. I assume that you don’t need random IO and sequential at the same time, then you have to create two pools anyway.

I have ten 12TB 7200rpm disks in Raidz1 with 2x NVME special device, cache NVME and lots of RAM. SYNC is disabled and as compression LZ4.
Raidz1 is a bit risky with ten 12TB disks, but I replicate every other day to a cold backup system, which is much saver than RAIDZ3 without backup :wink:

I went with 3 vdevs of 5 drives for my latest build


Is the recommended drives for reach RZ1-3 so just cut your drives up and fit one of those if you are ok with the loss.