Advice on a powered USB Hub for DP USBC KVM

Hi all,

I’ve been using a single display DP/USBC KVM for some time and recently started having issues and I think my core question (what is a good USB Hub to get/what have other folks used succesfully) will fix it (happy to be told otherwise).

First my set up. I basically have 2 devices on my KVM my gaming PC (fairly up to date AMD based hardware, decent gaming machine) and on the other side a caldigit Thunderbolt dock for my work laptop.
Both devices run a usb c cable to the KVM, caldigit on a fairly standard cable as provided by them. My gaming pc with an active cable due to my standing desk and the required cable length. Both the TB dock and the KVM are attached to the desk, my PC is next to the desk in a cabinet.
My peripheral set up isn’t too special: I have a G900 mouse, a macro pad and a custom split Lily keyboard, I also have a pair of Corsair Virtuoso XTs and I have the dongle on an extension cord.

All of my peripherals except for the Logitech Unified Receiver are attached to a powered USB hub. I tried a non powered usb 3.2 hub, but it doesn’t get enough juice from the KVM to power the keyboard especially (RGB/Split/LED). So this older USB hub is Anker USB 3.0 and has a 12V 3A adapter to power the 7 ports.

So here is the issue I am having: recently my devices have been disconnecting and reconnecting and it’s hard to tell what is causing it, the hub is an easy (and relatively cheap) candidate for replacement. However, I find mostly sketchy/unfamiliar brands and the ones I know are basically smaller USB C docks, I just need more powered USB A ports. I probably don’t even need 3.2 bandwidth with the 4 devices (keyboard, macro pad, mouse when wired, headphones wireless dongle). So anyone have some advice or a somewhat reliable replacement to get?

Some of the “it just started having USB issues” have been resolved by amd chipset and bios updates

I will definitely give that a go once I switch back to my machine. I do have to say I have less issues with my Caldigit so that’s a great line of thinking.

I updated BIOS and Chipset, and I had the same issue again last night. Everything disconnects momentarily and comes back on.

Can you try a different USB port on that computer? For diagnostic purposes.

By any chance do you have these random short disconnects when a cable is moved a bit?

Reminds me a bit of this thing I experienced a while ago:

No wiggling, actually the cable is pretty neatly tucked under my desk with enough slack so there’s very little wiggling happening with it. I also don’t have the ProArt :slight_smile:

I only have my front USB which is a bit wonky. I will give it a go though. Unfortunately my motherboard only has a single USB C port. I was thinking about potentially getting an add in card to expand it, but it feels a bit much for just one port needing use :slight_smile: I’ll try the other port tonight see if anything changes

An ordinary USB3 type a to type c cable should work fine with the kvm? A lot of the time motherboard type c ports are really only tested for storage anyway