Advice on a monitor repair

So I have been given a 24inch Viewsonic monitor that does not respond in any way whatsoever to a power cable being connected. (No backlight activity, LED's etc).
I can think of a ton of things I could use it for if I could get it working again but I have no experience with diagnosing and fixing faulty monitors.

Does anyone have any advice on where to start/what to check for first so I can find out if this thing is worth repairing?

first and foremost if you plug it in and nothing responds its a dead control board or a dead power circuit. look for replacement control board on google. cracking the back open and getting any info off the board will help with this, for a power circuit i dunno possibly same process but ive never had to find one.

I would look for blown fuses, capacitors or other components first. Most monitors fail from bad capacitors. I would go and see if there is someone who has fixed the same display and use that as a guide.

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Probably a blown fuse if i needed to bet optimisticly.

Get yourself one of those electrical mesurement tools.

Thanks chaps hopefully those answers will point me in the right direction.