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Greetings folks. I'm living in China, and Dec 12th is like a big shopping craze day, similar to Nov 11th and I'll be purchasing a rig. I've been saving up for a while and technically, I don't have a budget limitation, but I'll be spending a max of 1500$, however, the prices here are slightly different than the US.

He's my desired build for the case, the peripherals are already present, I got a monitor, speakers, keyboard 'n' the rest...

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 (Intel Z97/LGA 1150)

CPU: Intel i7-4790k Haswell (LGA1150 @4GHz 8M Cache)

RAM: Kingston Fury DDR3 1600 8GB x 2 (HX316C10FB/8)

HDD: Western Digital 1TB Black 7200RPM 64MB Cache (WD1003FBYZ) (for now, planning on an SSD later)


Case: JONSBO QT01 (A black one)

VGA: EVGA GTX970 4G 1050-1178MHz /7010MHz 256bit

Sound card: Need a recommendation (for me to jack in my guitar/amp and play)

What might I improve here, and what kind of a cooling system might I apply to such a build? I honestly prefer a 120mm fan over water cooling, (several of them for that matter) because the case will be in my room and it will sometimes be left to process something while I sleep.

I'll be using this for 3D design, multimedia production (both audio and video) and gaming.

Any advice would be helpful. Thank you very much.

you base build looks fine to me, about the cooling, if your case can fit a 140mm air cooling, then i would say look at the Phanteks PH-TC14PE or Noctua NH-D15 these are both top of the line aircoolers.

For the sound card, im not personaly not completely up to date with those unfortunatly, so i would need to do some deeper research about those, but i do think that something like the higher end Asus Xonar cards would be good. like the Asus Xonar Essence STX, but yeah they are damm expensive doe. But there are also some cheaper models.

But i assume that more audiophiles will jump it. Because if you realy need a dedicated sound card or not, could be debatable i guess.

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  • Cryorig R1
  • Phanteks PH-TC14PE
  • Akasa Venom Medusa
  • Noctua NH-D15
  • Thermaltake Silver Arrow

All similar designs and cool fairly similar as well. I don't think the Thermaltake is produced anymore, but other ones are.

EDIT: As for case fans I'd just go for something cheap and quiet. I just got some Rosewill Hyperborea/Akasa Apache fans that are pretty nice. Or splurge and fill the case with perennial favourite Noctua fans.

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