Advice on a $500 media computer

My church's computer has had significant problems recently so we're looking to find a new one.  Since I've gotten into computer hardware, I figured I'd try to build one.  It's my first build, and I'm not entirely sure of my choices, so definitely give feedback, because I need it.

No gaming will be done on this computer, but it will be used for Photoshop, Premiere, etc.  Our current computer is set up with one monitor and two projectors run from the same HDMI port, but I'd like to run both projectors and at least two monitors if possible.

This is the setup I'm looking at right now.

I have an APU instead of a CPU/GPU because I figured I won't need the extra power for gaming and I was trying to keep costs low if possible.  The A10-6800k seems like a really nice option that has a lot of power for a decent price.  For the motherboard, I wanted to have the option to upgrade to a graphics card if need be in the future.  It also has plenty of RAM options, all the way up to 64GB with an overclock of 2400Mhz if need be.  I wasn't sure what I would need for the RAM, so I just grabbed something.  I might want more than that though.  The hard drive is just something that will work for a while.  I don't know if I'll need an SSD and how much that would cost to add in, but I'm open to suggestions.  The case is one that Logan has suggested a lot for cheap builds, and I like it really well.  It's very simple, with lots of drive bays for the future.  I don't know if the power supply is enough, but it looks fine and Newegg has a crazy sale on them with a rebate.

Let me know if I overlooked something, or got a pc that's overkill or whatever.  I don't want to spend too much either, but I could even go up to $600 if needed.  Just some feedback would be nice.  Thanks!


(P. S. I'm new to the site.  Hi guys!)

If you are just looking for a small media box this is better

If you plan on upgradeing with extra ram and video cards for gameing just forget the APU and biuld a pc.

The extra GPU power would help in this case. I know photoshop has very good CUDA support. I will get a configuration going.

Here it is

I'm looking for something a little bigger so that it can be easily upgraded in the future.  If I were to go with a CPU/GPU what would you recommend?

I don't think the link got posted... here it is, bout $40 over budget