Advice on 128GB DDR5 RAM build with Zen 4 (Ryzen 7950x)

Right now 128GB DDR5 is not as stable yet and the base speed of it is 3600 MT/s (given 4 sticks of 32GB x 4 on the 2 memory channels) and it’s harder to overclock.

However things will improve in the next months / years. I was wondering, if this happens, will I have to upgrade both the motherboard and RAM? Or can I buy a good motherboard right now and RAM currently available, and will ‘firmware’ updates on the motherboard in the future allow the RAM to run at higher speeds?

Of if 64GB RAM sticks at some point become reality, or 4 DDR5 32GB sticks that run well at 6000 MT/s, would I be able to just swap out the RAM and use that ‘new’ RAM on the motherboard that I would buy today?

Or is this not how it works and will I have to upgrade both the motherboard and memory in the future?

(My use case is mainly data analysis - was also considering the Threadripper Pros but these are prohibitively expensive, or the Max Studio with the M1 Ultra chip (20 cores) and 128GB which has like ten times the memory bandwidth of 128GB DDR5 at 3600 MT/s on Ryzen 7950x currently).

Probably would just need newer ram. the memory controller is on the cpu. The traces shouldnt make much of a difference. (If the better ram would actually clock higher might not matter with CPU only time will tell)

Sorry for the long delay on replying. I need to reply to another thread with a similar question.

Ibe been a bit disappointed wjtb 128gb on am5. Some supplynissues and costs.

I hsve by far the bedt expo kit you can get from gskill. It works but at ddr5 3800 and the bandwidth/latency isnt great. Meanwhile 64gb 6000 is fine wjtb same kits.

It might be worse than zen1 if you want 128gb. Its taken me ages to work on this video

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There are many users whose kits do not have built-in EXPO timings. It would be great if people who have EXPO kits, could post their memory specs and timings.

As an example, something like:
2x16 Gb Hynix A-die 5600 1.25V and then all the timings and subtimings
2x32 Gb Hynix M-die 5200 1.2V and then all the timings and subtimings.

Even better if there was some spreadsheet of these. Different dies and maybe even if someone figures out great, finetuned settings for his memory kit.

EDIT: I ordered a Kingston Fury 2x32 kit which has not arrived yet. Currently I use Samsung B-die and could use Ryzen Dram calculator to optimize it and got good results. This time around, there does not seem to be a similar option available - at least yet.

Hey guys, it’s been 4 months since the last post. How are all of your 128gb systems going these days? Any hope for getting something like 4600-4800 MHz speeds on an AMD 7950x?

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