Advice needed

Getting ready for my first gaming rig build, what do you guys think about it? Feedback would be appreciated.

I am going to use my tv instead of buying a monitor.

Power supply is cutting it too close.

Rosewill wifi cards suck..

Other than that, looks good.

What resolution is your TV at?

Switched some things around for the build to bring it down under $1500.00 without sacrificing performance. You should look into getting a monitor in the future though maybe something around 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 or (my new favorite) 2560x1080 because you will not be doing the GPU justice by displaying on a television.

Your TV has it's own way of processing input so that it can output @ 30/60 fps constantly at the picture it thinks looks nice for the resolution it was made for. So no matter how much you output through PC your AA/FXAA/FPS etc. will be limited and the signal will get a bit of lag from all the extra processing from the TV.


You need a more powerfull psu 650w+ to be comfortable