Advice needed on purchasing long term, quality balanced headphone cables?

What are some of the best places to get long term quality balanced Headphone cables with Dual 2.5mm Connector Custom Length - Custom Jack 4-Pin XLR Balanced for the headphone amp under 90$ that don’t wear so easy from normal use ? I’ve had two different sets, one from and one from
but both have since failed in exactly the same way, both had the socket and sleeve connection right.

Where the left cable meets the jack plug for the left earphone input goes tore free (on the periaptcable )(on the right for the hartaudiocable )

this seems like a weak point on both that may have to do with the quality of the materiel or design iv even thought had either had some

heatshrink tubing with adhesive around this area like speaker wires in a ht room they probability would have lasted longer.

So are ther any places to get long term quality balanced Headphone cables with Dual 2.5mm that dont suffer from this issue,

or could i just reorder an add my own thick heatshrink tubing with adhesive ? I’ve got a heat gun to do this with.
Also, would the heat from a heatgun damage the internal wiring of the headphone cable ?

my 1st

an my 2nd

my possible alternatives:

would either of these be any better then te first two are ther any others i should consider ?
im good up to 120$ they’ve just got to really last

Your links look a bit sketchy there man. I feel I need to kick up a tor browser to even click on them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

sorry about that they were from my reddit post when image uploads wernt working an had to use links an i had forgot about my level 1 account
here ther are in image

thet last two are brands iv yet to try

unless you got a better suddjestion for under 120$ i should look at