Advice needed connecting Laptop + PC to 2 monitors

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Don’t get this one for this use case. Get the DisplayPort KVM. Trust me lol

It’s true that 2 monitors over 1 wire is a bandwidth issue, however, I see her monitors would be 1440p & 1080p. This should be fine. I would be much more cautious if you were trying 4k.

Make sure you have this firmware update:

Here’s my recommended setup:

Alas, it is rather difficult. BUT not impossible. Don’t get a cable, get an adapter.

Let me explain:
HDMI has 1 less pin than DisplayPort. You need what’s called an “active” adapter that requires power. Anything else is going to be a pain.

This is the Club3D active HDMI to DP adapter I’m referring to. It should work for you:

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