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Advice for newbie building home router

I’m going to build a home router, and looking for advice, and recommendations
I’m thinking of ESXi or Xen running on a dedicated machine for this.
The virtualisation software will run as individual virtual machines

  • OPNSense
  • PiHole
  • Stubby

The way I’m thinking is OPNSense will act as the router and firewall giving out DHCP leases.
The DNS server given to the clients would be the PiHole
PiHole would see Unbound on OPNSense as the upstream DNS server.
Unbound would use Stubby on the separate virtual machine as the DNS forwarder.
All the traffic except stubby would be VPN’d via OPNSense
All traffic to port 53 to the internet will be blocked.

The Specs I’m thinking of are a Quad Core r3/i3(8th or 9th gen), 8 GB DDR 4, SATA SSD
I want it to be handle 500+mbps of internet speeds
The number or clients on the network would be around 10.

Would Xen or ESXi be better for this?
Would the hardware suffice for this scenario?


Should be good for upwards of a gig with OpenVPN.

I’ve heard good things about people using ESXi passing through physical nics to VMs - have not tested it personally