Advice for cheap android phone [root]

In need of advice.
Not going into immense detail but i need to escape neglectful overprotective police-state parents. Starting off with a new phone and number (parents do monitor numbers and gps track my phone).

Multiple questions and in need of advice:

Currently I own a LG V20 US996 capable of cdma and gsm (unlocked but not sure it is unlocked). HOWever it is currently embedded in my parents verizon plan.

  1. How do plans like this work? Must I first detach my phone from the plan its currently on? (IMEI) (parents will question why i need to detach my phone from the plan)
  2. If i buy a prepaid card from a prepaid wireless provider, will it just work after the sim is activated while my V20 is still asscoiated with verizon? (or am I missing something…)

Do you guys know/would recommend any cheap phones and cell providers? Im looking to root it and not have to care about an expensive device…

  1. Phone should be rootable
  2. probably want nothing over a 5 inch screen
  3. Looking for a cheap prepaid plan (mostly by card so mail wont be sent to the house(parents read mail)).

Please recommend some advice to your desperate local forum drunkie.

1: Do you have a job
2: Switch to ting

NOt currently. Still have money from a previous job.

If by switch; can i still have service with verizon and just swap sims?

I mean probably? If the phone is unlocked, yeah.

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How do i check if its unlocked?

Its in the android settings. Maybe look in something like verizon settings. My phone has sprint settings for that sorta thing.

As far as I’ve seen on the XDA forums, the LeEco or Xiaomi phones are pretty popular right now. You could pick one of those.

If you do need a new device I would recommend Nokia. I’m not sure how popular they are in the US but globally Nokia is making a very big impact. They run stock Android, receiving security updates quickly from Google also they are not overly expensive. Design wise they tend to be a year or two behind current trends but they are very solid with metal frames. As you will have to buy the handset outright from Amazon or some such online retailer they will be unlocked and bloatware free.

My wife has a Nokia 3, an inexpensive device that I would say is “good enough” for a daily driver but very nice given it’s cost ($140 ish dollars). The Nokia 5 is just about as low in the Nokia line up as I would want to use and they are for sale on for under $200. The 2017 Nokia 6 is being discounted as it’s about to be replaced, as such you can find it on Amazon for $200. Just be mindful that there are two versions of the 6. The one for the Chinese market is inferior to the one for western markets. You are going to have to do some research before buying.

I’m looking to replace my Nexus 5X in a month or so once the Nokia 6 (2018) comes out.

I can’t help much with selecting provider, what little I do know about the US market it’s very different from what I used to here in Britain and much more expensive. Of course I have seen a good number of Ting adverts and they are more like what we tend to have over here.

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