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Advice for certification


I’m currently* finishing my bachelor’s degree in Robotics with all together “official” 3 years work experience - (I have been working since I was 17 but that wasn’t anything technical).
2 years of that was in a NOC (Network operations center) and 1 year was a help desk for a truck tracking company.

My “problem” is that I have quite my latest job in NOC because management was driving the company down big time, and I value myself a little too much to be underappreciated and under payed for the work I was doing there.
So I decided that I should validate my knowledge of Autodesk Inventor (3D CAD) and get myself certified, which I did, both user and professional certification + I took additional courses and got my Autocad (2D CAD) user certification.
a couple of weeks later
An opportunity presented itself and I took Creo Parametric (3D CAD) basics and advanced courses, you could say I might have finally found my calling with 3D design and this is awesome :smiley: !!!

The reason I’m giving you all of this backstory is because I would like to do the Siemens certification also… why? You are probably asking yourself. Because I don’t want to give my future employer any excuses not to hire me and to bargain for a better starting pay check.

So…I need money and because I would like to earn my living, I’m here to ask you for an advice.

  1. Should I work random meninges jobs until I finish my certification – easily doable
  2. Should I just apply for the job that I want and try to get the company to send me to the certification - this is the smartest thing to do but I loose on my bargaining chip
  3. Seek clients online who would be interested in my line of work and get financed this way. – this is an option but without a name for myself highly unlikely and really time consuming
  • Within this year 2018.


I don’t think options 1 and 2 are mutually exclusive. You can do whatever work you like whilst you apply for the job you want.

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I’m sorry I didn’t quite understood could you paraphrase it for me.



You can do option 1, work doing something easy. At the same time as that, you can apply for the job you want, like in option 2.



Thank you for clarifying, but won’t I lose my bargaining chip* if I am accepted for the job I want and not have the desired certificate?

I should mention that the certificate is not required but I would like to show the company that I’m flexible, quick learner,…

*( better pay-check )



I’m of the opinion that your paycheck should be related to the value you provide the company, not the pieces of paper you sit on. They might help your argument but at the end of the day proof is in the work you do for the company. As you progress and develop your skills you should be able to negotiate further down the line. In my experience asking for a raise doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation and can actually help maintain a good working relationship with the company you work for.



»They might help your argument but at the end of the day proof is in the work you do for the company.« I agree 100% with this, no peace of paper can help you if you can’t get the job done professionally and on time.

Thank you for your advice, you helped me more than you could imagine.
See you around ^^

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