Advice for a friend build / $2500 custom

hey im trying to set a workstation build for my dads old work friend an
this is the build design i have in mind

the plan is to mount the 2 x 140mm fans on the side of the case as intake an
the 2 x 120 fans on the bottom with the 240 aio on top of them in a pull config
so as to exhaust out the bottom an fresh in from the top
can the grill on the bottom of the case be removed or cut away
the other 2 x 120 fans would be on the top as exhaust

also the gpu is to be mounted vertically my overall question is with the
red devil in mind mounted vertically would ther be clearance for the

240 aio an fans mounted at the bottom an the fans on the side
keep in mind this is ther gear the old friend want an before i suggest
otherwise i want to know if i can put it together this way

also is the 850watt enough power for all the listed gear the friend
has no current need to OC but if i did go for a 10 - 15 boost to
both CPU & GPU would 850 still be enough ?

i just want to know if the 850 has enough power an would ther parts in the
desired layout fit this is what the friend wants he wants part wire he’s going
to run a linux os, an me to assemble if it cant fit then ill suggest another case

my current alt pic is either the

ZZAW C3 MATX or the c6

of the three which would be the best

You’ll already be having chimney effect taking place [PCBs ambient heat]
Flip your vertical plan, to having the radiator above [don’t fight the heats rise]
Could always look at an alternate iTX case, the likes of say Evo Shift XT

Power wise, I wouldn’t see any difficulty, with this arrangement
Has your friend made inclination, about beefier components planned in near future?

( beefier components planned ) not at the moment an

i think i could swap out the 240 aio for the 280 version in the front of a
MetallicGear Neo G Mini Case Black V2 in pull config an the gpu for the

PowerColor Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB Fighter Video Card an use the
2 x 120 rear side position as exhaust an have the back an bottom side of the case
as passive intake with filter mesh an get decent cooling with still small footprint as he wants.

what do you think ?

That AIO is total overkill for a chip that small. I would save $100 and go Air cooled. Get a Hyper 212.

Also the GPU and CPU wont generate that much heat. 2-3 fans are plenty. 2 intake 1 outflow should be fine.

I highly recommend the Arctic P12(14) or F12(14) ARCTIC P12 56.3 CFM 120 mm Fan (ACFAN00119A) - PCPartPicker

PSU is massive overkill for such a low power draw. Going all AMD will save a tonne of power. So unless the intent is to use this PSU for the next 10 years and upgrade to Intel/Nvidia (power hogs) is more than enough.

if they need an upgrade path.

Just because someone has a Budget of $2500, does not mean every dollar should be spend on the computer. Use the savings to get a good quality freesync 1440p monitor.

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I’d keep on the planned 850, as is stated, some beefier components will make face

To chime in on the CPUs heatsink; you could throw down a heftier downdraft HS
The likes of BeQuiets Shadow Rock LP / Phanteks PH-TC12LS / Noctua C14S
Compared to the included Wraith HS, which on its own is great [for basic cooling]
These other HSs I listed, can handle some/all of AM4 upper-tiered SKUs brunt
ALL will assure airflow, over mainboards exposed / heatsinked components alike
… Sizing can play in favour, when case packages being on T-I-G-H-T side

Depending on the case chosen, will dictate how many case fans are truly necessary
I’ll just throw down the Shift XT again for a small example
Four (4) fans are ultimate necessity, for chimney effect to be evened out [2-I/2-E]
Four (4) fans would then mean, only one (1) fan hub be necessary, to control it all
Aka, FAR Less wiring clutter, to be dealt with

What work does they use software wise, is it graphics accelerated? Does it use openCL? Cuda?, How many cores does it use, what about ram consumption?

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just a quick word on the aio, noctuas dh 14/15’s preform as good as a lot of 240/280 aios or better. its beats a few 360’s but not most of them. their are some other top tier air coolers that can preform at or near that level and its worth looking at over aio not just for price but for reliability and silence. water coolers last for a couple years but its rare to get them lasting a decade and depending on the cooler but most aios you really want to replace by the 5 year mark for fear they may leak. air coolers even if the fans fail will passively cool and will thermal throttle but will prevent overheating damage with their pure mass and absolute worst case senario you need to replace a cheap fan which is much more likely with a aio using more fans. if your ads work friend is not going to overclock hes better off money wise and reliability wise with a air cooler especially if you are going to replace aio fans.

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i got it thanks

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Since you have a separate graphics card, do you really need integrated graphics? In exchange for integrated graphics, all the amd G series cpus lack PCIe 4.0. The recently released 5700X is a similar price, has PCIe 4.0, and even has double L3 cache. (Not to mention that the 5700G only supports upto 3200 MHz ram).

‘’ lack PCIe 4.0 ‘’ that both he an i didnt knot ill advise him on that thanks