Advice for a build around the MSI Z690I Unify

Hi, any advice on this build

Usage is for Office work, YouTube, Netflix and some gaming.

Motherboard: msi z690i unify
Intel : i9 (12900K)
Ram : Kingston fury PC5200 CL40 (32GB)
Storage : 980pro m.2 (500GB) X2
980pro m.2 (1TB) x1
Case : CM NR200p Max (comes with 850w PSU, 280 radiator)

Display : LED 32 inch TV (1366x768)

GPU : none

Question is will it perform?

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Do you plan to game on the IGP? If so, I would personally go with B550 + Ryzen G processor.
The specs you want are in my opinion overkill for the tasks you mentioned.
If you want to stick with Intel maybe consider B660 + i5-12400?

Ok, but I prefer Intel. From what I see is even gaming for the build is not a problem even without a GPU right? The game is CS go, Dota

It is literally half the performance of the Ryzen 5600G or 5700G. I am just a poor person advising against overspending :smiley:

If you’re set on high-end Intel, then just go with a 12700K and put the difference towards ANY discrete GPU.

Am I getting trolled here?

Thanks for the advice, I will look into 12700

I would be more concerned with the thermals of the i9/i7 in an ITX chassis. 280 rad is just under a 360 in performance with better fans, but you need to decide if you want to prioritize airflow & cooling or silent operation. Also you’re gonna want to make sure you’re using positive air pressure to help keep the VRMs cool.

850w PSU is wasted on a non-discrete graphics build and any external enclosure is going to want it’s own power source. Not a huge loss though, at least as far as money is concerned you could do worse.

Keep in mind his display output is ~720p, I imagine UHD 770 wouldn’t have much trouble keeping up 60 frames at that resolution.

12500 has the higher end iGPU (UHD770 as opposed to UHD730) for like 10$ more.

TPU did some testing and the oversimplified answer is you can safely limit the 12900K to 190W. Still a lot, but always 50W less.

For e-sports titles you can safely go lower, like the 12500. It should still get you 60 FPS average in CSGO for a much, much lower price. And when you have the money just grab a discrete GPU and enjoy 200+ FPS.

You could also accomplish the same by undervolting, which would require tuning but shouldn’t kneecap performance either.

That’s the point - TPU just plain set the power limit 50W lower (190W vs 240W) with no tuning whatsoever. Results? No noticeable performance loss in 720p gaming (1% difference in average FPS at most).

That won’t lower power consumption on loads under 190w though, which is 99% of the time for OPs situation. For rendering/productivity? Sure.

But for gaming-style workloads a well-tuned undervolt will see benefit 100% of the time and not just the rare occasion the cpu tries to spike over 190w. There is no shortcut to better performance.

Truth. And 190W is a lot too cool in ITX.

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