ADVICE: Do I have a Bad Motherboard? Asus Prime x470

My Rig: Ryzen 3700x, Asus Prime x470, 32gb Ram, 1060 Super @4k, Start up disk M.2 1TB. Windows 10 x64.

Is this a motherboard problem,

I usually have Firefox, Chrome, Lightroom, A few instances of VTC sometimes Photoshop on. I have a dozen or so tabs open, Gmail several youtubes.

It seems after awhile the computer stutters or freezes. I can first tell because my Logitech wireless mouse freezes on screen. Then I can move it for a couple seconds, freezes, rinse repeat.

At first I thought maybe it is FF hogging the RAM because of the youtube windows. Take forever to close things down. And even get to the restart button. I noticed even upon SHUT DOWN, the circling dots are stuttering.

I’m having a lot of USB issues. I have an external USB 3.0 hub, and often I find I have to plug/unplug a USB drive a few times before it mounts.

Latest video drivers, MB drivers.

Two thoughts. Can this be Software or Hardware? I do have a 4TB external USB 3.0 Seagate HD? I ran the Seagate tester and all came back green.

It’s very frustrating. I hate Windows 10. But could this be hardware? The Motherboard? Maybe the External USB Harddrive.

Any Thoughts? What is a good Ryzen motherboard for lots of USB devices?

Its not all the time.

Well kinda hard to tell from the discription,
it could litterly be anything.
Maybe you could try to run linux, open the same amount,
of tabs in the browsers.
And see if you could reproduce the issue.


I spent about $145 on the Asus. Then found out Asus MBs are not compatible with Cura, my 3D printing app:-(

I don’t need high end. I have a fast 1TB M.2, 32 gb ram. But my main interest is in good fast plentiful USB.



Well the thing is if you want a board,
with allot of usb ports.
Then you are pretty much stuck to the more semi highend boards.
So its kinda usefull to know how many usb ports you generally need.

But i kinda doubt that your issue is related to the motherboard.
Or at least, there are too many variables that exclude it as well.
This will be a long way of trouble shooting.

Anyway, did you monitor the cpu and gpu temps,
during the events?
Did you already updated the bios?

It could also be something related to dpc latency.
You could try to run a program called latencymon.
And see if that is getting you any info.

What model SSD do you have?

Some SSD models; depending on controller and absense of a DRAM cache, will struggle with random reads/writes if it is swapping to and from the page file. This can cause lag and stutter for the operating system.

Does the issue persist after a reboot and reload of all applications?

That board has 8 USB ports, how many devices do you need to plug in?
Plug the Logitech reciever into the USB3 ports under the PS/2 port or the LAN port for best performance and low latency. They are connected directly to the CPU.
Try not to use hubs if you can, and if you have to, use low power requirement devices in the hub (i.e. avoid external hard drives and RGB keyboards in a hub). Some hubs may not be able to deliver enough power for a few higher-drain devices (unless your hub has an external power supply).

A quick Google search, looks like the Cura incompatibility may be across all Ryzen platforms and has to do with power states or handling of special instructions. Your reading may have uncovered more than mine though :slight_smile:

Which BIOS revision are you on? The latest is Version 5406 dated 2019/11/25.

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Thanks for the info. Right now I’m on the light side of USB usage. But this is typical

  1. Wireless Logitech Keyboard (top of case)
  2. Wireless Logitech Mouse (top of case)
  3. On USB 3.0 Seagate 4TB 3.5" drive (powered) USB 3.0
  4. Mirco USB to transfer data to Samsung Device daily.
  5. USB 2.0 to 3D printer (occasionally) HUB
  6. Wifi Adapter HUB
  7. SD card reader for Sony Camera USB 3.0 on back
  8. Laser printer HUB
  9. Inkjet/scanner HUB
  10. Various USB thumb drives to transfer PS files. HUB or rear of case
  11. I do Arduino/ESP32 programming so occasional hook up of Dev Boards. Rear of Case.

That’s my light usage. I could have 1-2 more external Back up drives.

I have noticed transferring a couple gigs from the Samsung device via micro USB (2.0) it will hang and require an unplug replug for it to be active. Never had that issue with ,y 11 year old Intel i7. That gives the idea USB may be the culprit.

All my divers are current. No issues with temps. My 3700x doesn’t go to full clock speed that often. Maybe with Photoshop.

I mean if you think that the USB controller is the culprit, why not buy a fancy new PCIe card with a more sophisticated controller? Even if you switch platforms in the future, you should be able to get the card working

I would, but maybe it is Windows 10 and not the MB? I’m trying to figure out what causes the stuttering/freezing? Even on shutdown.

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