Advice/Compatibility Queries

I've been researching quite a bit with PC parts and how they work as well as the best "budget build" components and decided on how I would like my new rig to be built.


Lately I don't have a lot of spare time however and I'm too lazy to find compatibility issues between the parts I have selected.


I checked for my previous build but I changed a lot in the course of a few months and want to make absolutely sure that there will be no problems when all the parts come in and I try to boot up the computer once it's completed so I was hoping the kind people of this forum/website could help me out.


I'm a bit of a noob to the PC gaming world so bare with me, please.


Feel free to throw any suggestions at me as well.


I would like to keep my budget around 1000 for the entire computer (minus the accessories and peripherals).


Here's a link to pcpartpicker where I have my parts saved:


Thanks in advance

99.9% of the time, PC part picker will prevent you from combining incompatible parts.

So I noticed, which is incredibly nice of them to include that feature.

It's what made me realize sooner than later that I needed a full size case instead of a medium to properly fit my graphics card and CPU cooler without them bumping.

Thanks for the tip though bud

Well you can't expect it to be that critical. I was speaking on the terms of form factor and spec. If there's any part or case that is smaller or larger than 'standard', extra consideration would need to be taken anyway.