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Adubs build log and naming contest

As many of you are already acutely aware. I spent way too much money on building a computer thats probably only going to be 20% faster than what I have now. This is my ‘f you’ money build.

Over the last month I’ve been piecing things together.

Getting the layout in my head figured out, and generally thinking about how I want this to go.

Parts slowly rolled in

Finally I got the last pieces to this puzzle

No h8 on ASUS, big dick energy only.

So I have begun my journey into biggus dickus territory

^^ this is beautiful. Like glass. Makes me want to lap the IHS.

the good stuff.

This was my stopping point last night after work.


  • ek cpu blocks seem to have a bizzare mounting system where you have to use their backplate. Way more complicated than it needs to be IMO and the screws leave too much slop because of the smaller shaft size compared to the mounting holes in the board.

  • I should have stuck with samsung b-die 3200mhz cl14 and clocked it up. I dont know if I can get the timings on this cl18 3600 down to cl15 to beat it.

more soon™

Add your suggestions to name this machine below and at the end of the build we will do a poll.


The No Cents Build
(A play on having no common sense and not spending as much as you did for the gains, while also relating to money)

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Call it Slow.

  • All this power to play factorio
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You got yourself the Ryzen 9 3900x, right?
Would you mind posting a little something to this thread when the build is complete?

Let me know what voltages you see with up to date bios with the 3900x. You and I share the same models of cpus and mobo. I have to manually lower the voltage as to not blow up my cpu.

I’ll add that to the list. I already owe someone else the iommu groupings.

@Emil its coming along buddy. Waiting on amazon to get here with my 45° fittings.

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The GPU got its block… what a bear. EK instructions were kinda generic so I was unscrewing things that maybe didnt need to get unscrewed trying to get everything off this monster.

Then came all the peeling of the thermal pads. I didnt take pictures of this because I was in the zone but trust me it was a total pita and I would 0/10 not recommend.

Finally the card is all together. It was time to slap stuff in the case now.

I’m not happy with this layout but I was tired and couldnt figure out how to make it work (by now its already in another configuration).

I ran into some close calls.

That little black thing sticking out past the blurred front of my case is the GPU block. Luckily I tested the side panel and it will go on. Crisis averted.

theres a lot of sag which I hope to have figured out by the next update, possibly later tonight.


FCC edition

(Fan cooled chipset) edition

BFG (Big Fan Gig)

I’m sticking with my previous suggestion
“Only idiots use this computer”

Welp, wont be able to finish this weekend but I got close. Ended up needing more tube and a 90 because tying to use 2 45s off the pump took up too much space and hits the gpu wires.

I did change the layout since my last post.

powered everything up just to make sure it booted.

The fans are kitty approved

I should have mounted the mandrels but its not as bad as I thought

I started off trying to do very complex bends but after ruining a few tubes I changed my game plan, lowered my standards, and went for more direct paths.

just need one more tube and a 90 and then I can begin leak testing

more to come soon™


Welp, stuff finally came in and the loop is all together now.

I’m currently pressure testing but all looks good right now.

Will wait 24 hours to see if it holds pressure and then I’m full send.

  • Spool Tearer (homage to Threadripper, but not quite)

In reference to the above quote:

Lastly a metal band worthy name like:

  • Flesh Slave
  • Demon Terror
  • Moon Murder

I might have something for you:

We have full rainbow puke bois


Hah! Fool! Now I know where you live.


Congratulations to the winning suggestion from @diceman of

Being Poor is a Choice

Honorable mentions go to @nx2l & @Even747 as the running up suggestions of

Fan on Chipset Edition
All this power to play factorio