Ads making it through Adblock?

Have you guys noticed ads making it through Adblock lately? I have it disabled on this domain, however it is on everywhere else. I have noticed YouTube ads making it through here and there lately on two different machines that I own.

I had the same issue on Chromium, Bluhell seems to be working okay for me, but thats a firefox app

Hmm, interesting. I don't mind the "non-instrusive" ads. However the ads that stop the video I'm watching do bother me.

I might try it out, but I don't really like FireFox all that much /:

If you are on Chromium, the flash player is NPAPI, on Chrome it is PPAPI. I had the same problem. Ads would make it through on Chromium. They are all blocked on Chrome. 

I have noticed that while some ads do come through, Some like the full video ads are still blocked.