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Adrenaline 2020 -- Megathread

AMD’s got a massive software update!!!

I’ve been poking at it, but if you have a Navi card, I want to hear from you. How is it? How’s 1080p gaming on your 5700XT?

How was the install process?

Try Radeon Boost and the new integer scaling… and let me know how it is?

I am working on something myself – a little more under the hood – but I am curious what everyone’s experience with the new drivers are.
Post a comment below, even if everything went fine and you didn’t notice any weirdness please.

The drivers aren’t out yet, but soon… so keep an eye peeled! And we can get some early data from the awesome level1 community and friends!


More Info on AMD’s new Launch :


Would love to see if the driver installs are more stable than before (less likeley to need a re-install), and if the fan curves are now more responsive.
Ive used a few 5700s and 570/580s in customer builds and most of them had to reinstall their drivers; and all but one had the fan curve issue where the fan speed would be at different RPMs at the same temp. Hoping this update improves on the stability and reliability, cant wait to see everyones experience!
Edit: I got a 5700xt recently but im sending it back due to crashes and web browser/game ‘quirks’. Wish I could test it but I think ill wait for next years Navi cards.

I dare not even…
My GPU have been rock solid and as of last few months there aren’t a lot of good feedback about Radeon drivers and stuff… I dare not even think about changing it.

Not had any driver issues in the last while. First 5700 drivers were meh, the third one had most kinks ironed out. Since then, I have not touched it.

Will check this out when it is released.

It’s great! Love the new direction! Just think, like most software releases now a days, it needs more work. I can not get the overlay to display in Apex, and in Overwatch I got it to appear only a few times. Instant re-play also doesn’t work in Apex Legends. Here’s hoping it is alteast a more stable driver since I started having the display loss issue on my 5700 xt nitro+ last weekend. Lost like 150 sr in Overwatch…Overall excited!

Does anyone know what kernel version will be getting the new features?
or is it just windows only?