AdoredTV showing 8700 underperforming in OEM machine because it works correctly

Bashing Intel is pretty easy these days but since this could specifically affect normies, I think it is worth a look.

In short:

In OEM machines the six-core Covfefe-Lake CPUs will run a lot slower than all the reviews indicated because added cores make the chips drink the power and exceed the TDP. Intel calls that running it out of spec aka overclocked and of course pretty much any OEM wants nothing to do with that stuff. Intel also does not give you any clocks other than base and single-core-boost. So if your new and glorious Z370 and Core i7 8700 powered PC throttles to BASE CLOCKS of 3.2GHz after just seconds, it is because:
Your chip sucks. Too. Much. Power. Literally.

Or as Intel would say, it “operates as designed”.

I am aware that OEM systems can throttle in heavy workloads but this seems a bit excessive. And doing this on the Z-series chipsets is almost misleading in my mind. Not even macs throttle like that.

I have not played around with any prebuilt machine since Pentium III times. So I would like some thoughts from you guys on this. Is this normal?


And thats why AMD and POWER exist everybody.


Nah, I’m pretty sure AMD exists because its investors want money.


The sad truth is, the media will be too buthurt to even try to look at those kinds of issues. Jim basically showed how Jay and Hardware canucks reacted to his video. They are too busy claiming impartiality to actually be impartial.


OEM’s will certainly adhere strictly to the bare specs in many cases. Since they might be shippinh thousands units of a model, it makes sense not to “waste” much resources to go far beyond what is practically required. So few customers would notice the difference and even fewer would delve into any such details before the purchase. Now that Intel have loosened their specs for the CPU’s it makes the job a bit easier for OEM’s to save up on the build cost. As it’s not even throttling as long as they are within the specs.

A great video and I wonder if anyone will even try to make a counter argument to it.


Jup. This “3.2GHz is base” makes this really a bullet proof argument on their side.

Kind of sad only one yt-channel talked about it so far.

I would say that AMD exists because Intel doesn’t want to worry about being prosecuted as a monopoly (much like Apple exists because Microsoft needed them to avoid prosecution in the past). Otherwise in one of those dips, Intel would have killed them off.

POWER exists because IBM uses it for its IBM i and AIX customers who pay them handsomely, although they are trying to court Linux hyperscalers like Google and move more in the enterprise Linux direction. POWER’s customers would never consider buying non-Xeon/EPYC machines and would never run them out of spec. If Intel does pull these shenanigans on the Xeon line though, I could see that helping out POWER.

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I can’t watch the video because I’m on a 600k connection but isn’t that default behavior for chips?

Not really. In the past there was all core turbo that isn’t a thing anymore for Intel. Now they only promise the base clock and a single core turbo. If you look at marketing - 4,5GHz 6core… No, it’s 2,8GHz… If it runs faster - good. If not - they only promise 2,8GHz on the 8400… So basically if you have good board you have higher clocks, cause the board can sustain them. Lower end boards will not be able to.
This is why choosing a board for it’s VRM is a thing. The all core turbo was a guaranteed speed and the VRM should push it. Now there is no guarantee it will run above the base clock. And base clock is good enough for Intel.

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I do think its funny what adored does

he basically critiques the critics

it’s all gotten very meta these days :smiley:



Well I do like he is there cause many including me rely on several tech tubers for news and info on stuff I cant afford. It does seem when you educate yourself on a topic that these tech tubers are just phoning content with no due diligence. Sometime flat wrong.

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That so many of the tech youtubers get bent out of place from his criticism is hillarious to me.

Hypocrites the lot of them.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t fall prey to the one ring laziness/corruption. That would suck, then we’d need a new watcher of the watchmen of tech companies, or a watcher for this watcher of watchmen.


So in order to get higher CPU clocks you would have to go and build your own computer, because OEMs surely wouldn’t want to spend the money to put better VRMs on their boards.

No, well … kind of but …

The main thing is that no OEM wants to deal with RMA because of dead CPUs. And the only way to avoid being responsible for it is running the chip at spec. Intel has an i5 8400 that has a base clock of 2.8GHz and that is where TDP is measured. So if you lose the silicon lottery your 8400 is running spec at 2.8GHz under load and there is no way to complain about that because that is all that is guaranteed.

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Yup. Would be funny if all the tech companies started review channels reviewing review channels…
The PR gag and marketing alone may be worth it.

That is the kind of humor I would expect from Paul and Kyle back in Newegg days. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The main issue is, that non of the reviews mentioned any of this they just say “yes,it’s fast”. They didn’t say “yes, it’s fast on high end board with high end cooling. Otherwise - some 30% slower”…


Jay been shilling for intel & nvidia ever since his wc days. Does he do reviews still? Remember when he did a guide to fix your 980 instead of sending them for RMAs?

Fun fact:
I’m not watching Jay, because I think he is bias.
I don’t watch Linus, cause I think he is bias.
I don’t follow Hardware Canucks, cause…
You get the point. And law and behold, they seems to be the most buthurt channels.