Adored Games You Just Don't Get

Thought it would be fun to list some critically acclaimed or fan adored games that just do nothing for you and your reasons why. I'm not talking about CoD or sports titles as they're too obvious.

I'll go first:

The Binding of Isaac

I think Edmund McMillen is an awesome guy and I love rogue-likes, but try as I might I just couldn't like this game. I think a lot of it has to do with the flash style graphics. Also even though it's a rogue-like, it always felt exactly the same each play-through. 

The Walking Dead

I like a good story in a game, but I don't just wanna click dialogue boxes over and over. The art's pretty though.

Most recently I guess for me would be Dark Souls 2. I tried it shortly after it came out just to see what all the talk was about and I just could not get into it.

Spent around an hour just wandering around, getting lost, and hitting dead ends. I know it's suppose to be a brutal and unforgiving game, but I just couldn't kill a thing. As someone who didn't play the first installment of the game, there is really little to no direction at all as to what you are suppose to be doing. The lore of the world is kinda weird and the game didn't hold my attention long enough for me to get any kind of story element out of it.

I wasn't won over by the graphics either. For a new game it already looks like it's 2-3 years old. I know there's already a mod out there that supposedly makes it look a lot better, but I wasn't too bothered to try it out. (And doesn't that say something about a game if some people already think it needs mods at launch?)

I can't criticize the awkward controls too much i guess since Dark Souls is suppose to be console oriented.

Did you play Demons Souls and Dark Souls? if not then you will have no love for Dark Souls 2. Seriously, you need to play the other Souls games or Dark Souls 2 will not hold up to the hype.

Other not, I am addicted to Souls game lore (lore whore) and have actually spent more time researching game lore than playing the damn games. 

DayZ Standalone

Seriously, it is terrible. I know it is in alpha stages, but people still play it like rabid dogs and sink ungodly hours into it, and hype it up. It is poorly optimized, limited gun selection, buggier than Fallout: New Vegas on launch day, and doesn't look nearly ready to be fully released.

On the other hand, the DayZ ARMA II mod community is amazing, although I do not play DayZ anymore since I started playing PlanetSide 2 as a main game. Again I want to reiterate that I understand it is an Early Access title, but I want you to understand that people are treating it like a finished AAA title that is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Ye, like I said, I haven't played any of the other installments. It's probably why I don't know what I'm doing in the game. This is just the opinion of a new person to the series. Maybe I'll try them out if I get a chance sometime.

I also bought the DayZ standalone and I can relate. Spent a few hours on it and there are just so many bugs. Went into a building to hide and turned around to see a zombie follow me through a closed door. Trying to survive with bugs like that is scary in itself.

I wanna give DayZ another shot once its out of beta, but with their limited dev team who knows when that will be. 

I think it will be at the end of never in who knows what year

if you can get your hands on a Ps3, grab a copy of Demons Souls and give it a shot, it is amazing. Dark Souls you can pick up for $5 on a steam sale (make sure you install Dsfix or you will have a hard time)

Dota 2

I played Dota (WC3) for 6 years, i was waiting for Dota 2 since it was announced. I thought Valve will keep the gameplay mechanics and all features  but just improve the graphics.

When it finally launched i was disappointed, no ranked games, no -SW (switch team), not even all the heros of the original and the biggest disappointment was that i could't properly use animation skips, the new Dota 2 animations felt like lagging.

And thats not all, how is that the only Moba that i can't play on 20 Mbps is Dota 2(i played Dota (WC3) on 56 kbps with 70 ping , Dota 2 with 20 Mbps has 100+ (all other Mobas I have 40-70 ping). 

Also no dedicated ranked games ( i can't kick a player that has big leave rate or high ping). 


Thought of Terraria 2...  , it was just BLEAH!!!. Ugly as shit, no animations, and they got millions of $$$$. Thanks GOD that Redigit came back to continue developing Terraria,

Fallout 3/NV

I don't know why, but I can't get into either of these games. Perhaps because I just like fantasy settings better for RPGs, but who knows. Also Fallout 3 crashed quite a bit, so I probably need to get some stability mods for it.

The Witcher

I have about 11 hours on the Witcher 1. I think I mostly just got stuck and then got distracted playing other games. I'm planning on restarting it, and playing through the second one before the third comes out. I don't know if this necessarily counts since I did really enjoy what I played.


Hated it. There's just nothing there for me. No redeeming qualities. Too linear, didn't give a shit about the story, I'm not really into the steampunk thing, etc. I paid 60 bucks for it, played it for 2 hours.

Last of Us

Again, no redeeming qualities. This might as well have been a movie, and even as a movie I'd get bored. I'm not really ok with linear stories, I guess. This isn't movies, this is games, god dammit. Give me some control over something. I rented this garbage, wouldn't consider buying it.

Borderlands 2

I must have played 250-300 hours of Borderlands (the first one) between the PS3 and PC. Around the time I got bored of wearing down health bars in tactically uninteresting gunfights, Borderlands 2 was on the horizon. It was the same shit. The exact same shit. I bought it on release day (before I realized why I was bored of Borderlands), and have managed a whopping 16 hours in it.


I've known a lot of guys who were borderline addicted to World of Warcraft (even knew a couple who lost their jobs because of it), but I just could never get into it.  Didn't liked the grind, and didn't find any of the mechanics interesting or fun to play.  Same goes for most other MMORPGs I've played too, so I suppose I'm just not a fan of the genre.

Dishonored is good if you like stealth games, and it also it interesting having the choice to fight or play stealthily.

But yes, if that's not your thing, I'm far from surprised you hated it.

I still think they ruined Warcraft franchise with it....

After WoW is dead they can't expand the lore/univers -killing Illidan 100000x times by 1000000 strangers is kinda hard to explain-... (maybe go with a prequel)

Dark Souls 2 was the first that came to my mind too. I'm glad they made the game actually playable on PC this time, but the controls are just weak and the interface is something I had expected to see in game design some fifteen years ago. Such things killed it for me, otherwise there's something in the game that I would want to spend time on. I can see why the console crowd puts up with it though, they're simply more used to poor game design.

I'm gonna throw Minecraft in here.

Now I've played it a lot, but without half a dozen mods and at least one texture pack it's really crappy to look at and the performance is absolutely horrible. I would not mind buying the same game again if they only made a new core engine with code from this decade and called it Minecraft 2. It's so worth redoing, and I want to play more. I don't want to spend a couple of hours getting it to work well before I start playing again.

Battlefield [apart from 1942], Call of Duty [Appart from part 1 and Vietnam], LoL and Diablo 3 are games that seriously annoy me rather than providing a good time.

I really dislike them. Especially what they did to CoD, where the first and Vietnam were a shitload of fun with friends at LANs, the new stuff is just depressingly sad.

Battlefield has been a pile of shit since after 1942. Like seriously, who plays this shit?

LoL, I used to not like MOBAs at all, but Dota 2 and SMite kinda got me into it. But LoL still represents the youtube-comments of games, so there really is no point in playing that game imho.


Skyrim is a fun story. I liked it a lot. But once I finished the story, I kinda lost the incentive to continue it. I'm like done. Why should I go roam more stuff.... When I have finished the story.... That's also why I don't like Diablo 3. Apart from the technical problems, once you finished it on inferno, there really is no reason to continue plaing. Why would I need more gear... when I can already kill Diablo on Inferno? Didn't buy the Addon either, really not feeling like it.

TF 2. Played it a few times. Meh. Can't see how one would spend money on ingame crap.


The game that will come out after Goat Simulator which'll try to replicate it with another life form or inanimate object. I played goat simulator, and it was fun to see all the secrets and 'glitches' but then it got boring as in, so boring that it is DONE. If the same studio release another similar one then they may as well call it gaming industry simulator as they will be doing what cod and battlefield and all the above are doing, milking, lying, abusing and cheating. Releasing un finished games on purpose. It's fucking disgusting.

Bioshock Infinite.

The Last of Us.

FIFA its like one of the most popular games out and I fucking hate it, how can you even play it for hours straight. Its literally shit and has been the same game since 1998. I could go on but I would only enrage myself by talking about the games lack of anything that makes it a decent game to play. I would rather stick a red hot poker up my ass than play that game for any length of time.