Adobe suites going cloud only

Heres an article from CNET...Thoughts and comments?

$50-per-month? What now?

didn't learn from EA did they

The creative community is a willing milkcow, look at how they stuck with Apple for all those years, Adobe is now entering a similar phase as Apple in 1991/92. The established creative community will continue to use the Adobe products, and Adobe won't have to release actual new products anymore so they can save more, give less, and earn more, until they slowly become irrelevant. Same for Microsoft with their Outlook subscription. Dinosaurs take a long time to die.


I wonder if it will still be cracked and pirated, im guessing it will since youll still need the Program itself to make everything work.

This is a move against pirating, shisty F**Ks. Looks like ill be sticking to cs6.


EDIT: on another note, I have a feeling these whole "cloud" services will be dieing soon. im going to start a new post and ill post the link here if yall want to join the discussion.

Also the only reason I could ever see myself switching to the adobe cloud is if a virtual render farm comes with the suites online services.

Thank you for posting this. Now, I'm going to tell my friend who just got her welding certification.