Adobe Premiere Pro Not Detecting HD 7870

    I've recently acquired a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and it seems to work just fine. But when I was watching a tutorial video I noticed that the tutor was able to check on CUDA or Software Only in the project window. When I went to see if I was on OpenCL, I noticed that it was greyed out and that I could only render with software. I tried looking at my preferences imagining that I'd be just like Photoshop where you can manage RAM usage, Scratch Disk, Cache levels, and what hardware accelerator to use. But I could only find audio hardware settings Right now the software version is 6.0.2, I'm running Windows 7, Phenom II X4 965 BE, G.SKILL Ripjawz X @ 1600, and an HIS 7870. I went with premiere because I can use Adobe Products on both OSX and WIndows oppose to using Vegas 12 and Final Cut Pro X. I'd greatly appreciate your help and if you need any addition info. well, yeah ask.

Thank you!


opencl is not supported in windows in cs6, only osx I believe, you'd need to  "upgrade" to cc

Oh, thank you very much. Well, I guess I'll have to stick to software rendering. Or find more money between the couch cushions.