Adobe Media Encoder Freezes When Overclocked

Hello, When I overclock my 8350 Adobe Media Encoder freezes my entire PC to the point where I have to restart.

Specs: AMD 8350

           ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0

           2x ASUS GTX 770

           2x Crucial Ballistix 1600mhz

           Corsair H100i

           Corsair AX 850

          2 ssds 2 hdds

means its not a stable OC.

The oc works fine but only has problems in Media Encoder


Yes. The OC is fine, until you actually start to use the CPU to its fullest. If something freezes up, that means it is not stable. Just because the PC turns on, doesn't mean its a good OC.

I ran the rog bench h.264 benchmark and didnt cause any problems

Try running AIDA64, or Prime 95.

A benchmark is not a stress test. Think about it. If it works fine, then the only thing you do is OC it, then it crashes. There's only one probable cause.

I did run Prime for 15 minutes.

I do change the FSB not the multiplier.

You're supposed to run prime for hours, not minutes. And when changing the FSB, make sure your ram speed is not increasing. if it is, run a memtest to make sure its stable, as well.

The speeds do change but I loosen the timings .

Should I use the multiplier, would it be more stable if I used the multiplier. 


Yes, the first thing I usually do is raise the multiplier, find the stable point. Maybe give it a little more voltage, as long as temps are in check. you should find an overclocking guide.

what is the minimum time you would recommend on prime?