Adobe InDesign. A moment of your time. (SURVEY)

Hey everyone! I've made a 10 question survey (multiple choice) for my class assignment. It's as simple and no frills as possible. I'm collecting responses for 1 week starting today.

If there's any cool people here that use Adobe InDesign and don't mind giving your input to help out a fellow teksyndicate member I'd appreciate it! Also, constructive criticism on how to conduct better surveys like these is not required, but that'd be helpful for me in the grand scheme of things.

[EDIT 10/25/2015] The survey is now closed. Thanks for participating guys!

Hey im a full time graphic designer and use In design daily, will take a look for you

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This semester is my first time using InDesign so i'm still learning my way around it. Thinking of interesting ways to integrate it into web design somehow.

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I really really wouldnt use this for web design in any way... although it is quicker to mockup than phototshop, it will be a pain in the ass to develop using InDesign assets seeing they are not bitmap and are measured in mm. No web developer would accept assets in this format

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plus one more.

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Would you mind chatting about InDesign with me in a pm or new thread?

Of course no problem, send me a PM